AEE action camcorders MD10 got the European certificate of conformity

A portable action camera AEE MD10 product series enters the European market. It confirmed by a certificate, which states that the MD10, MD10A, MD11, MD12, MD20, MD21 camera passed all necessary tests and received The European certificate of conformity with EU Directives.

Without this certificate, any product cannot be properly labeled and approved for sale. Company AEE has always made efforts to comply a fair trade, so for this product branch were initiated the certification process.

After a series of tests conducted in the NTEK testing and certification company, located in the Science and Technology Park of Shenzhen City, it was proved that the AEE products are not harmful for people, property and the environment, which is the main requirement of the European Union.

AEE Company received a certificate and the right to apply to products CE logo. European market opened for one more AEE products family.