AEE Athlete Anna and some more sights from her world tour meeting the street socker USA team in Philadelphia

While being in Philadelphia I had a chance to get acquainted with and tell the story of my journey to a very special group of people.
I was a bit nervous before meeting them. Maybe because I’ve never been in their shoes and didn’t know what to tell them, how to encourage them.

They are people who ran into many difficulties in life after which it’s not easy to rise to one’s feet again. All of them lost their homes and had to live on the streets or in shelters.
But there is a way out of any of life's circumstances or at least a direction out. There is an international initiative of street soccer which is aimed at overcoming homelessness in cities. Everybody interested can join the team and come for training. It gives homeless people opportunities to raise their self-esteem and again feel one’s importance, improve or gain social skills and chances to achieve positive results and change their lives.

That evening I met the guys from The Street Soccer USA team in Philadelphia. They were very open, sincere and friendly. It was very easy and interesting for me to talk to them. They also dream to travel. I hope that soon I will write about the dreams of each of them. They are heading the right way, and I believe that they have enough persistence to walk through this path. I don’t know how to explain it, but talking to them inspired me. Their open faces, their interest to our talk and their benevolence - at some points I felt ashamed of myself, that sometimes I was becoming limb with situations that were not even close to the difficulties these guys faced.

This team has been initiated and supported by tender beautiful Chandrima who hosted me in Philadelphia while I was there. I admire her strength of mind and passion about everything she is doing. She is a human living to help others. And while there are such people on earth, humanity still has a chance. And I feel like I am the luckiest and happiest because I meet all these people on my way. They are my role models, they are my source of inspiration, they are my dreams come true.