The Battle of Extremals: АЕЕ S70 vs GoPro Hero3+BE

The active way of life is becoming more and more popular. This tendency forces the majority of gadget manufacturers to develop new devices or to renovate existing.

The market of DVRs, for instance, has been enriched with new section of action-cameras. Here we can notice some producers who have invested more money in marketing than in the process of production. This is how the world got to know the well-known brand GoPro. Nowadays the owners of cameras of this brand can be compared to the owners of gadgets from the famous company Cupertino. Accordingly, the price of GoPro matches its mass character. However, is such a stir really justified? How about looking around and searching for more optimal devices with even better technical specifications to buy?

Action-cameras are produced by few companies including AEE, Sony. This company of industrial cluster in Shenzhen has become widely known for its high-quality video equipment used by professional operators, athletes, outdoor activities appreciators and even police Special Forces around the world.

Let’s compare two action cameras: AEE S70 and GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. Today both these devices are flagship in their niche and are similar to each other in the vast majority of points according to their specifications. However, there are still few significant differences that can play a crucial role in the process of choosing a camera.

  • The main distinction of AEE S70 from its American analog is that the AEE camera is equipped with 2-inch color LCD screen. GoPro Hero3+BE does not have such feature. Moreover, there is no screen at all in basic complete set of Hero3+.
  • Another distinction is that the camera АЕЕ S70 is equipped with triggers and buttons that not only simplify management, but also make it the only possible way to manage the device while wearing the equipment (e.g., gloves). The management of GoPro Hеro3+BE is realized with the help of menu (except the Start and Recording buttons). That means, all of the settings should be set before the start of using the camera, otherwise you will be supposed to pause your journey, flight or dive in order to perform the setting.
  • AEE camera can make static shots with a resolution of 16 megapixels, while GoPro makes photos with a resolution of only 12 MP.
  • Hardware specifications of AEE S70 exceed GoPro Hero3+. The AEE camera is equipped with A7 processor and a Sony Exmor R sensor, while the Californian camera GoPro has modest performance.
  • The manufacturers of GoPro use the ability of a camera to shoot video in the resolution of 4K as marketing bait. However, having carefully studied its characteristics, it becomes obvious that the video frame rate is 12 while the required number is 25. Moreover, device resources, involved in this useless function, were incorporated in the price.
  • Technically GoPro is also not flawless. For example, the configuration features of the motherboard in AEE S70 considerably decrease the heating of the camera during its operation. In summertime every case of heating results in the occurrence of noises and slowing performance of the device that is critical for the camera.
  • One of the important innovations in АЕЕ S70 is the ability of connecting the external microphone, while GoPro is not equipped with such a function. Thus, the owners of GoPro do not have an opportunity to record the high-quality sound in extreme situations. Moreover, the AEE camera has a built-in stereo microphone that largely exceeds the analog monaural microphone in GoPro.
  • The action camera AEE S70 has bigger autonomy than GoPro Hero3+BE. The battery capacity of AEE is 1500 mAh, while the American GoPro is equipped with the battery capacity of 1100 mAh. Even though the Californian marketers claim that GoPro is able to work continuously for about 2.5 hours, it is clear that the lesser battery capacity means the lesser operation time. The difference in autonomy is 30% in favor of AEE.
  • The marketers of GoPro have also saved on equipment by excluding some useful elements of the camera. For example, АЕЕ S70 is supplied with wrist strap that serves as the main element in camera attachment, while in case of buying GoPro you would be supposed to by this strap separately.
  • Moreover, in addition to the AEE camera the customers get four adhesive plates for mounting the camera on surfaces, while the GoPro fans get just two of them and soon they would be supposed to buy new plates separately.
  • The quality of accessories is undoubtedly very important feature of any camera. The AEE has a waterproof box capable of withstanding the water pressure at a depth of 100 meters, while the GoPro box can withstand two times less - up to 40 meters. With an American camera the conquest of the ocean depths is simply impossible.
  • And the main incentive for choosing the AEE action camera is its price. The AEE S70 camera costs 30% cheaper than GoPro Hero3+BE while being equipped with substantially the same features as its American analog, and even better!

The same correspondence in prices can be traced in the costs of accessories for action cameras.

Well, the customers are to decide whether to pay for a well-promoted brand or save their money by preferring a real qualitative device for the sport and active way of life fans.

The recommendations of professional athletes, extensive experience of stable work in the toughest conditions, reasonable price and rich equipment serve as the best evidence that AEE action camera is a perfect choice for everyone!

АЕЕ S70 vs GoPro Hero3+BE