AEE introduced new drone TORUK AP11 at the exhibition CES2015


After releasing action cameras, the company AEE is an unmanned drone TORUK AP11, a new quadrocopter, New characterized by its ability install not only AEE camera, but cameras main competitors - GoPro. Pay attention to origin of name model, taken from the movie "Avatar", where TORUK is flying creature of Pandora.

TORUK AP11 with a reasonable body weight and a streamlined body design, can fly safer and more stably. Its 1080i/60fps high-definition recording, 16M pixel photo-taking and 120 degree wide angle allow it to capture pictures freely and capture all possibilities. It has two control methods - through remote control or mobile devices (with Wi-Fi), which allow users to enjoy more convenient aircraft operation. Its high-voltage battery power (11.1V) allows it fly faster and higher.

With radius 500 meters governance, quadrocopter also able to climb to a height 300 meters in order to shoot a video camera installed on. Maximum flight speed - 25 m / s and the battery installed capacity of 5300 mAh allows you enjoy the running an unmanned drone 25 minutes.

Price with the camera should be about 1,000 euros (unconfirmed) and the ability pre order until summer 2015.