Delicated mini HD action camera-AEE MD10

The MD10 not only has a very fashionable look, but also with an integrated (higher level) microchip. It weights 54g and is currently the smallest HD action camera on the market. The MD10 is not only good in capturing sport actions but also in areas like family, outdoor activities and sometimes even in documentaries.

AEE action cameras has always given the delicate impression to our customers, and this time we broke our traditional design making the MD10 only 54g in weight and 34x28x52mm in size. This makes the MD10 the smallest action camera there is on the market. As we reduced the weight of the camera, you will feel the significant change by wearing it.

The reduced sized MD10 does not change our determined pursue of high quality footage. The integrated chip allows the MD10 to produce 1080P/30f footage with 8 megapixel, 136°wide angle and f/2.6 aperture.

High intelligent shooting features:   

-Interval recording mode, this exquisite mode grants us the ability to shoot like pros without the hassles of post production.   

-Taking photos while making a video, this is a very practical feature which allows us to take photos while shooting. You can either do it manually by pressing a button or set it to automatically take photos with a time interval.   

-Sound triggering mode, if the MD10 is set to this mode, any sound louder than 75 decibels will active the camera to record, it is turned off in 2 min if noting exceeds 75 decibels.

-High speed continuous photo mode, the MD10 can take up to 8 photos per second.

Wi-Fi connection, you could connect the MD10 to any console with a Wi-Fi and AEE application installed. It can control the MD10 up to 100m, the controls are: video recording, photo taking, camera setting, system setting, playback, download and upload videos to internet, send email and post production features.   

There is also a Wi-Fi based remote control which provide the controls of angle change, video recording and photo taking.

Battery and standby time has always been a challenge to action cameras. The average standby time for action cameras are usually 1.5 hours, but the revolutional delicate design of the MD10 extends its standby time to 3 hours.    

With the delicate small design of the MD10 and its HD, intelligent, Wi-Fi feature plus the vast number of accessories, the MD10 has become an action camera to be used in all kind of fields.