AEE showed at Photokina 2014 the world's first action camera with optical zoom

Company AEE kept secret its new innovative products for a long time. Finally, it's time to present it to the world. On a regular exhibition Photokina, which opens on September 16 in Germany, the Asian leader in the production of small-sized video systems presented a unique action camera S100, with an optical zoom. In addition, on AEE showcases in Cologne were the new developments of the company: S80 - the world's first camera that can shoot underwater without waterproof box, and the evolutionary sequel of the famous Action Camera S70 named S71. It is capable to capture video in extreme 4K resolution.

However, action Cameras - only part of the new products, which AEE introduced at the exhibition.

AEE also presented unmanned systems for aerial video and photography. These drones are named AP100, AP10 and AP12.

AEE Company confirmed its reputation as a leader in the developing and manufacturing of equipment for the active video and photography.