Ludwig Felix Lorentzen – an official AEE skydiver

AEE is a company renowned for its action cameras cooperating with outstanding athletes, travelers, researchers who not only use the company's products in their work, but also test new models, equipment and accessories.

Meet Ludvig Felix Lorentzen. This name impersonates those who are interested in flying in the sky: jumping from airplanes, helicopters, balloons, mountain tops etc.

This desperate man from Norway has a very extreme passion - skydiving. This means flying in special clothes above the ground without a parachute.

The parachute, as a mean of landing, opens only at the end of an exciting flight.

All Lorentzen’s movies sometimes look terribly, so that it is hard to believe that such things, captured on action camera AEE, can be performed by a human. The videos of Ludwig and his comrades, captured on action Camera AEE MagiCam, are the movies about skydiving, captured not only for the sake of adrenaline, but also for research purposes.

AEE always supports the best of the best. TheLudwig Felix Lorentzen’s movies confirm this once again.