Multi air motor system AEE F100

Multi air motor system AEE F100

This aviadroid designed for use Aircraft System АЕЕ F100 in the following segments:

  • The media sector: is shooting video, movies, advertising, events, sporting events, demonstrations and other events;
  • Energy: shooting splices / spikes communications towers, gas pipelines (ground segment), leakage control (heat chamber), a survey of roofing / shelters high buildings, dams, architecture, other;
  • Research Sector: study hard to reach areas of natural and artificial objects, environmental protection, land topography survey, etc;
  • Industry Sector: overview, monitoring of project construction, aerial video – photographing, condition monitoring facilities of any availability, other;
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defence: the ability to get the video / images from inaccessible areas of disasters (earthquake, flood, fire) for rescue operations, tracking of any object out of the air (or Trasnport people), the situation on the roads, guard duties, border supervisory function customs Inspectorate, other;
  • Commercial use: any aero-video/photo shooting of any event, objects, landscapes, travel, other;


  • 6 kg. (without accessories)
  • Ability mountings, additional cameras, including and (video cameras, photo camera, camera 3-D)
  • Height of year 7000 (above sea level)
  • Height of powered flight / shooting in 1500
  • Radius control on the ground to 10 km
  • Radius video HD 2/5/10 km
  • Ability to transmit SDI
  • signal conversion in his TV format
  • Camera 16Mp + other extra. Video
  • Quality video FullHD
  • Rotate the camera 360 degrees
  • High image stabilization
  • 20x magnification
  • Work at level 6 wind (up to 20 m / sec.)
  • Cruising speed - 100 km. / Hour
  • Flying time without recharging - 40 min.
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in autopilot
  • Built-in black box
  • 3G module (optional)
  • Very low noise of the rotors
  • Automatic fixing and monitoring multi object (transport, people, buildings), identification and tracking.

Examples of use AEE F100: