Official AEE Athlete won the 12th American National Title!

The famous extreme cycling athlete Michael Steidley became the twelfth American National champion of the North American Trial Series.

Mike Stead, as he calls himself in social networks engaged extreme bike sport for 9 years. During this time, he has won many competitions at national and global level. For example, he participated in the 7th Biketrials World Championship as a member of the American team.

Mike has his extreme cycling show, which acts in America and a 23 countries worldwide. In the history of American cycling, he is a most effective athlete.

Therefore, the AEE Company, which cameras are the choice of extreme athletes,  did not pass by a talented athlete, and offered him a contract for the exclusive use of AEE action cameras.

Currently, Mike is the official athlete of AEE. It uses a powerful camera AEE S70 in his training, competitions and performances, as well as to capture educational films about trial and freeride.

Company AEE congratulates the champion!