Officials from the Testing Center of MOTOROLA Visited AEE Technology Co., Ltd for Inspection and Guidance

Mr. Zhi’ang Hu, Director of the testing center of MOTOROLA and other officials visited AEE Technology Co., Ltd for inspection and guidance. Mr. Zhixian Zhang, CEO of AEE and other top managers arranged a warm reception of them.

The officials firstly visited the product showroom. The CEO Zhixian Zhang introduced the military recording equipments and product patents, technical features and outstanding performance of F50/F100 unmanned aircraft system. Then the officials watched the live show of F50/F100 with AEE top managers. AEE staff presented the auto flying, aircraft operation, real-time video transmission, auto landing, etc. of the F50 UAV. During the show, Director Zhi’ang Hu and Chief Engineer Xu Teng asked detailed questions of the main functions of F50/F100 UAV, such as real-time video transmission, endurance, intellectual GPS navigation and so on. They spoke highly of AEE’s independent R&D F50/F100 unmanned aircraft system.

AEE CEO Mr. Xianzhi Zhang introduce the product

Director Hu has listened to the introduction of AEE’s development history, competitive advantage and market application. In the conference, CEO Mr. Zhang has mentioned that AEE Technology will continue to develop the advanced recording equipment with the core of high end technology. AEE pays much attention to intellectual property rights and it now owns invention patents, utility models, design patents and software copyrights to more than 500. AEE will always adhere to the mission to “provide innovative technology products, to create an international brand with a sense of national pride.”

Mr. Zhi’ang Hu, Director of the testing center of MOTOROLA  make guidance speech and instructional speech. And he gave fully affirmation to AEE’s development and highly approve to AEE’s advanced technology and strong R&D ability on unmanned aircraft system. He raised hopes that AEE can establish a close cooperation with MOTOROLA in order to apply the AEE unmanned aircraft system to the routine task of police security organ, such as air duty, large activities security, disaster relief, air surveillance, investigation, monitoring and shooting, etc. so as to promote the development of unmanned aircraft system in law enforcement area.