The brave girl from Kiev travels around the world with AEE Magicam action camera


More than a year ago Ukrainian biker-girl Anna Grechishkina on her motorcycle went to world trip.  The voyage she called "I have a dream", and began to achieve this dream of each traveler – to round the globe.

This unique travel shouldn't have remained unknown for wide range of people, each road on Anna's way needed to be saved as pics or movie clips and kept for those who loves travel, but prefers to stay at home.

As the best means for shooting of active movement are an action cameras, the AEE company supplied Anna with the AEE Magicam S70 camera.

It happened on the equator of travel of the brave Ukrainian girl – in Australia.

Now Anna keeps every day in the video diary of the unique trip.

The new meetings, the interesting people, tremendous landscapes and big cities – all this gets to a lens of an action camera AEE  and becomes property of all fans of an active way of life.

The Australian stage of travel of Anna came to the end. Now she flied to the North American continent, passed streets of San Francisco, admired the well-known Golden Gate Bridge and crosses America from the West to the east on the legendary Route 66.

We present you the first part of the video diary of Anna Grechishkina in which she tells about the impressions about Australia, meets a biker-dog and hold a lesson for schoolchildren from Sydney.


AEE Magicam S70 action camera did its work excellent, in motion and static videos were fine.  At the next stages of the travel Anna will make new tests for the camera, and we will receive more videos from the most beautiful places of the world.

AEE action camera is the excellent fellow in round-the-world travel!