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External microphone for series S T45

The T45 Extended Microphone for S Series Action Cameras from AEE is a lavaliere style microphone that allows you to capture audio with your action camera in its housing. It features a 16 foot mini-USB cable with an end cap that screws in place. To attach, you will first need to remove the protective cover from your housing's USB port. While the microphone is attached the housing will not be waterproof; however your camera will still be protected from sand, dirt, and even splashes as long as they don't strike the microphone capsule.

The cable features an alligator clip for attaching to clothing, or you can tape it on or use hook and loop fasteners - the latter two solutions being available separately.

S Series action cameras from AEE. Compatible models include: S71, S70, S60, S51, and S50

Series: S
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