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Helmet Strap AEE B20A

Mount for fixing of the helmet through air vents. Mount allows you to quickly set the camera to any extreme motorcycle or bicycle helmet equipped with a ventilation openings. Two straps with quick fixation mechanism provides quick and easy setup for shooting camera helmet mount is equipped with a mechanism for regulating the position of the camera in a vertical plane. Quick-mount camera, if necessary, to quickly remove the camera is not vidstibayuchy primary attachment to the helmet. Fixing AEE B20A shoots from a first-person and allows you to keep track of the object or choose the best angle by simply turning the head. This accessory for shooting camera AEE will be in demand, taking video when cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, skydiving and other extreme and active forms of recreation.

Features mount for cycling helmet AEE B20A:

Type: mount on helmet
Adjustments: tilt vertically
Camera Mounting: screw 1/4 "

Series: S
Accessories: Fastening helmet