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Aircraft System АЕЕ F50

At the world's largest trade fair company robots AEE Technology recently introduced model AEE F50 - a small drone with a high resolution camera, an assortment of company is positioned as a tool for monitoring the protests, or as a tool for identifying and preventing fires.

The emergence of a relatively small drone (the size of a pizza box) with short-range flight from AEE Technology confirms rising global competition in the market of UAVs and military robots.

Public and private companies in recent years making large investments in the development of drones, in order to further their exports as well, as for the needs of the internal security forces.

In November, representatives of the Western defense departments and experts were surprised to see during an air show in southern China represented about 25 Chinese drones. Several models have also been demonstrated in Beijing in May, the exhibition of police and anti-terrorism equipment.

"The market of military robots has become a global, and China wants to buy in this market status of the main manufacturer and exporter, such as the United States," - said PV Singer, author of "Assembled for War," a book about a revolution in the field of military robots.

Specifications aviadronu AEE F50:

  • Radious of remote control: 2KM/5KM/10KM
  • Maximum flight height:  1500m in Max
  • Maximum windproof capacity: Level 6
  • Flight time 40 minutes
  • Maximum cruising speed: 80KM/H
  • Automatic Pilot
  • GPS navigation
    • 3G wireless
    • Remote image transmission
  • Positioning accuracy: horizontal < ±1m  vertical <±0.5m
  • Black box function with flight recorder, record flight gesture, path, height, power and other information
  • AEE independent research and development: 900M radio modem
  • AEE independent research and development: 0.3~66Hz video transmitter
  • <2KG weight with battery.  The structure of the quadcopter is made from integrated high molecule ultra high strength carbon fiber composites.  The airframe and holder, which are completely made from high molecule ultra high strength carbon fiber composites, boast higher strength and lighter quality.
  • High capacity battery, which gives longer flight time
  • Professional airborne equipment
  • Professional airborne equipment: 1080P/30fps, 1080i/60fps.  Can be equiped with 16M pixels professional camera, airborne 3D camera.  F50 Quadcopter has uniaxial holder, can rotate 0-105 degrees up and down.
  • Anti Rain Function: Can fly during moderate rain moderate snow.
  • Power management: Low voltage protection
  • Out of control protection
  • Positioning provides precise GPS positioning, height and head orientation lock

Integrated quadcopter aircraft system (radio transmission technology and high-gyroscope system

Transfer video:: 2/5/10km
Transfer audio:: 2/5/10km
Wi-Fi support: Yes
Range of remote control: 2/5/20km
Camera: 16MP FullHD 1080P/60fps
HD wide angle:: 120
3D camera: Yes
Duration of flight: 40 minutes
Cruising altitude: 900 meters
Flight speed: 5 m/s
SD-card slot: 64GB
Protection from the wind: Class 4
Autopilot: Yes
Black Box: Yes
Automated video surveillance: Yes
Battery: no information
Weight of the machine: 2000 g.