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Action camera AEE S70 MagiCam

If you are not ready to spend extra money but want to get more from the shooting, you can buy AEE Magicam S70 - from the manufacturer military and special equipment.

According to user reviews, this is a good replacement of GoPRO, and in some cases even surpasses it. Action Camera AEE S70 has collected in itself the best practices and technical achievements in 2014: Sony Exmor R matrix with luscious color reproduction, a powerful processor A7, allowing shooting video at 120 k/sec (HD) and 60 f/s (FullHD) and great complete set in basic version (1920x1080 (24, 30, 48, 60), 1280x960 (48, 60, 100), 1280x720 (60, 120), 854x480 (240)).

Interesting moments:

  1. The location of the holes for plugs in the box - at once microphone and charge, no need to saw as in GoPRO.
  2. 2 plugs in set, deaf and with the membrane for sound transmission
  3. very strong, but also massive box
  4. large set of mounts in set, including the holes for the installation
  5. detachable screen in set
  6. intelligent ergonomics control, hot keys
  7. loop recording function – can be used as a DVR in the car


Camera Features:

  1. Shooting in Full HD quality 1080p (1920×1080) / (60, 48, 30, 24) fps (1920x1080 (24, 30, 48, 60), 1280x960 (48, 60, 100), 1280x720 (60, 120), 854x480 (240)))
  2. Speed ​​photography to 10fps, Sony Exmor R matrix 16Mp
  3. Built-in Wi-Fi, the ability to remotely camera control using the remote, smartphone or tablet
  4. Set of mounts, mounting on a helmet and other surfaces. Platform, rotary arm and other accessories
  5. Underwater shooting up to 100 m, high-quality underwater case in set
  6. Small dimensions and weight: 59x43x35 mm, 56 g / 59x43x47 mm, 116 g (with display/ without display)
  7. AEE-more than 15 years on the market, more than 400 patents, equipment supplier for military departments


Quality shooting lies on the matrix Sony Exmor R 16Mpx, allowing shooting in Full HD, there is a large viewing angle of 170 degrees, image stabilizer and advanced lens unit. All this indicates qualitative and sharp image contrast, identical in any weather and in any situation. If necessary, all filmed video content can be viewed on a bright 2-inch display. Availability stereo microphone provide high-quality audio recording.

Autonomy is provided by battery capacitive 1500 mAh (more than gopro or sony, capacity honest, verified). All information is stored on a memory card format micro SD up to 64 GB (not included). Connectors mini HDMI and USB, allowing you to connect the camera to a TV or to your computer.

To start recording is quite simple swipe your finger on AEE S70 and G-sensor (shock sensor) will translate the camera in operation. Also when the camera is turned upside down, it automatically "revolutionizes" the image in the normal position. Protective case and chamber design ensures shoot, even at the depth of 100m (standard IP68). Straps Anti-fog will protect the lens from fogging when temperature drops. This chamber is ideal for use both on and under water.

Connecting AEE Magicam S70 to Wi-Fi, you can control all camera functions remotely, rather, using the tablet or cell phone to the same real-time. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module without removing the camera from the helmet, you can easily do all the camera settings from your device, transfer the video to any device within 100 meters or over the Internet to upload to YouTube.


Action camera AEE S70 is supplied with:

  1. Camera AEE S70
  2. Removable display 2".
  3. Battery 1500 mAh.
  4. Protective waterproof box (up to 100 meters).
  5. Additional deep cover for underwater case.
  6. Vertical and horizontal mounting knob.
  7. Two flat platform on industrial 3m scotch.
  8. Two curved platform on industrial 3m scotch.
  9. Camera bracket with a screw.
  10. Long adjusting screw (with nut).
  11. Set of inserts prevent misting of the lens during the dive.
  12. USB cable.
  13. AC charger.
  14. Lace at the wrist.
  15. Bag for storage.
  16. User manual.

Display: LCD
View angle: 170°
Diagonal inches: 2.0
Continuous video recording time: 2 hours
Continuous audio recording time: 3 hours
Video resolution: 1920x1080 (24, 30, 48, 60), 1280x960 (48, 60), 1280x720 (60, 120)
Micro SD slot: Supports up to 64GB microSD external memory card
Equipment: HDMI, miniUSB
Camera: 16 MP
Digital zoom: 10X
Wireless connections: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g
G-sensor: Yes
Accessories included: Protective box (possibly dive to 100 meters), Additional cover for deep underwater case, Vertical and horizontal mounting regulator, Two flat platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Two curved platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Camera bracket with a screw., Long adjusting screw (nut), Set inserts prevent fogging of the lens immersion, USB cable, Mains Charger, Lace at the wrist, Handbag Storage, User guide, Remote control (included not all sets), Mounting clip (included not all sets)
Type of battery: Li-ion
Battery: 1500 мАh
OS Support: Windows Vista, Window 7, Mac OS, Window 8
Weight: 56g (without DISPLAY) / 165g (with display)
Warranty: 12 months