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Action camera AEE SD19 MagiCam Outdoor Edition

Aee Magicam SD19-this is an extreme camera from the company AEE, which is one of the world 's leading manufacturers of cameras shooting.

Magicam SD19 - Full HD Extreme is the camera designed for video and photography in extreme conditions. The presence of a broad set of accessories and mounts allows you to use the camera shooting Magicam SD19 on any surface sports equipment, vehicles and own body.

Action camera Magicam SD19 equipped with shock- waterproof housing with degree of protection against water and dust IP68, which enables video in extreme conditions: dirt, dust, rain, snow, and just use the camera Magicam SD19 to shoot in the water and dive to a depth of 60 meters.

Extreme Magicam SD19 camera offers the largest collection of accessories as standard - hermoboks IP68, removable color 1.5" LCD display, remote control, charger 220V, Suitcases, cable TV connection, as well as a range of different mounts.
Built-in camera body mount allows you to use the camera shooting Magicam SD19 with attachments without installing in hermoboks , it plugs into the camera body Magicam SD19 protected with plastic caps against dirt and dust.
Sad display allows you to conveniently adjust the modes of extreme camera Magicam SD19, to capture images in real time, as well as work with the files on the device itself.
Wide viewing angle and resolution matrix of 5 megapixels lets you video high quality Full HD.
Ring mode allows recording extreme Magicam SD19 camera to record continuously, while the memory card are saved latest video files.

Magicam SD19 Car Edition is the action camera Magicam SD19 with additional accessories.

Optional accessories to complete "Car Edition":

  • Vacuum attachment;
  • Car cigarette lighter power supply from 12V-24V.

Display: TFT
View angle: 175°
Diagonal inches: 1.5
Continuous video recording time: 2.5 hours
Continuous audio recording time: 3 hours
Video resolution: 1920x1080/60fps FullHD
Micro SD slot: Supports up to 64GB microSD external memory card
Equipment: miniUSB
Camera: 8 MP
Digital zoom: Yes
Wireless connections: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g
G-sensor: No
Accessories included: Protective box (possibly dive up to 60 meters ), Additional cover for deep underwater case, Vertical and horizontal mounting regulator, Two flat platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Two curved platform on industrial 3 - m adhesive tape, Camera bracket with a screw., Long adjusting screw (nut), Set inserts prevent fogging of the lens immersion, USB cable, Mains Charger, Lace at the wrist, Handbag Storage, User guide, Remote control (included not all sets), Mounting clip (included not all sets), Memory card to 16GB (Class 10)
Type of battery: Li-ion
Battery: 1000 мAh
OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7, Mac OS
Weight: 90g(without DISPLAY) / 116g (with display)
Warranty: 12 months